RBS is Ready to Launch!

Wow, after more than a year of waiting and work, the site and above all the teachings, are ready for launch in the USA!

The site also provides a whole series of ways to get in touch at any time, to establish a relationship of brotherhood and spiritual help for all the spiritual events that a believer comes to visit.

Now I will finally begin to contact as many churches and believers as I can do, to realize my dream.

Get ready!

Paul Sicilio "OnLine"

Right now I am preparing the site and videos for studies that intend to release and then contact the churches and believers who want to start to take the course online.

For those wishing to start the course, or knows someone who has some outstanding problems or to overcome physical and mental obstacles, you are still not able to overcome contact me immediately.

Paul Sicilio in America

In a few months, around next summer, I will come to America, God willing, to be together and to consolidate those who have taken the course, and establish contact or you want invite me and then to start something more stable in America according to the support that will be given to me..

If you know any church, organization or group of believers who are looking for a doctor of the Word and want to dramatically increase the level of faith and vision, contact me and I will gladly put myself in agreement with you.

My Dream in America

In fact I am planning according to the dream that God gave me, to come to America and begin to serve God by helping and strengthened in the faith, to persist and endure, in these last days of grace, before the return of Christ.