I was born in 1974 in an evangelical believer family, I began to realize the reality of God and in the church, because my parents took me every Sunday for worship to praise the Lord.
Around the age of 12 I started to leave the church and to turn away from God to seek the things of the world.

Become believer

At age 16 I began to feel a strong appeal for God and all his belongings especially in His Word.
At that age I was invited to go to an evangelical camp and decided to go, but I did not know what would happen.
Upon arriving I felt an attraction to God so strong that I left the game and began to attend all meetings both those of the morning and this afternoon.
Until the eighth day began to be starved of the Holy Spirit, who, through a search for Jesus, God the Father baptized me with the Holy Spirit on that day.
When I got back in my hometown of Milan in Italy, I began to speak of Christ, and the gospel of salvation to all, especially at school, where I was attending the first year of high school.
At that time I sought the truth in His Word, until you reach the much longed pain in my heart levels know more to have the answers for my life and for that of others.

The Gift of God

After some time I spoke of Jesus to all the people I met, I made a request to God, which for me was and still is the most important thing that I ask God, that is to give me the answers that people is looking for, but failed to find before in their entire lives.
After five years in 1995, God answered that prayer and began to have revelations on His Word uniting both science and the Word of God,
making in-depth studies on these revelations both biblical and extra textual unifying different materials in many fields of scientific study.
Since 2000 began to focus more on the stories and biblical teachings, that thanks to His revelations I made incredible discoveries and I realized that when I told people, always did something happening namely, problem solving, healing and so on.
"God does exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think , according to the power that worketh in us"

He called me to teach

After so many years of revelations and Bible studies both scientific and extratextual, I realized that these revelations had equipped me to help address and resolve any problem and that I could help people, after many personal problems resolved with the revelations that God gave me by having them try on myself first, in ways never thought possible, acquiring a dynamic knowledge unprecedented.
In fact, the things that I teach have never been heard, taught or known by all the people to whom I spoke.
So much so that years of unresolved problems disappear in a few seconds, just beginning to understand the biblical truth of the things I teach.

Die to oneself means to give to others what is most dear to yourself and that's what I'm starting to do so ...